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Adding avatar in iOS apps 1 year ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 1


I’m developing an iOS app written in Objective-C in Xcode. Is it possible to embed your speaking avatar into such kind of project?

Do you eventually have any tutorial?

Best regards.

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AI not using the <srai> tags or writing to memory

KarleighBon 1 year ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 10

I have successfully deployed my Fionna bot with this company and others before with no memory issues. However to-date since returning to sitepal, Fionna bot is still calling me user and not retrieving her deep programming. Can someone check on this? I wrote several e-mails and already got links to programming examples that make no sense to me. Please help... I am account 7184700 at


Expressive Cue is not working

Adlane Yahiaoui 1 year ago updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 2

I tried to use Expressive Cues by using the french voices but it does not work, I used the french voices Florence with the function sayText(“Bonjour \\_Rires_01”,4,4,2);  I am using EngineID = 2. If you can provid with one example it

Gil Sideman 1 year ago

Yes - we are aware.

They expressive cues are being deprecated. We are working on another solution for this. 

Sorry about that - the documentation will be updated before long.


Eye lid wonky on left side.

KarleighBon 1 year ago updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 13

I have redone the model at least eight times and each time the round eyelid on the left side eye shows up too close to the nose. (left side as you are looking at the model) I am a returning customer and have always used this same model artwork and have seen it perfect before. Why is the left lid so round? Can you fix this? 


I have signed up with Bronze, and free trial..but cannot do anything...Cannot change face, cannot record voice, cannot test head...I cannot afford Gold, and Bronze is for what???

Maggi Carstairs 1 year ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 2

Looks like Bronze is very basic....

I have downloaded flash, set up headphone for voice recording..

Looks like I will never be able to download my head....If I can amend the faces somewhat to sort of resemble me, it will be Ok..otherwise, I may have to stop wasting my time...

Please help, or tell me what to do... So far I cannot do anything...

Gil Sideman 1 year ago

Hello Maggi!

That does not sound quite right. Yes - Bronze is limited.

But it does allow you to select from a large collection of models (hundreds), including all our built-in 3D models, and customize them, to the extent possible with accessories.

It also allows you to record your own voice, or upload recorded audio from your computer for the character to speak.

You may publish and embed your character freely - no publish option is blocked; and you can create multiple Scenes to embed on multiple pages of your site, each one different from the other.

If you are having a problem with any of these features - we are here to help, and please ask me, or contact our support via the support page.

You are right in pointing out that the Photoface feature (to create your own character from a photo) is unavailable in Bronze. It is an advanced feature reserved for the Gold plan or higher. But that still leaves you plenty that you can do.

Hope this helps,


The SitePal Team

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Sitepal for Gaming sites

Jim 10 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by aryaan khan 2 years ago 0
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How can feed the avatar with an RSS feed? 10 years ago in SitePal Gold updated 10 years ago 4
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SitePal in PowerPoint - Easier than Ever!

Jesse 10 years ago updated by Sumit B 5 years ago 4