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Superposition of fields

François 2 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 4


I have a big problem: I display the avatar full body of sitepal in an html field. Before, this field expanded without superimposing itself on texts. You have modified something since now the field of the avatar is superimposed on the text!

How to do ?

Thank you for your prompt response! 

1ere photo on Android

2nde on Internet Explorer 11 on PC



J'ai un gros souci : j'affiche l'avatar full body de sitepal dans un champ html. Avant, ce champ s'agrandissait sans se superposer aux textes. Vous avez modifié quelque chose puisque maintenant le champ de l'avatar se superpose au texte !

Comment faire ? 
merci pour votre réponse rapide



how can i get the scene to load from a from the API

Joe 2 years ago 0

Hi I'm trying to load a scene on my website via a button and tried two ways, neither work

method one:

choose the "Scene remains closed (will be opened by API)" in the embed menu and try load it with "loadScene(9)"

Problem: scene es close on page load, but button don't do anything

method one:

try to add minimize button, load minimized and maximize it with "overlayOpen(‘max’)"

problem: minimize button don't show up and cant find option to load scene minimized

i don't want the scene load from the start, i want it lo load when someone click the help button


Does Site Pal work on iOS and Chrome?

JNJ 2 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 10

I visited on my iPad using the Chrome browser and the avatar did not speak. Does site pal work on iOS devices in Chrome? If so, is it just the full body avatars that work?

Gil Sideman 2 years ago

Hi JNJ -

The Scene in your example does not have an audio assigned to it. Hence there is nothing for it to speak.

You have programmed the character to speak on receiving the vh_sceneLoaded callback. This works fine on the desktop, but not on mobile where the browser blocks audio and video from playing until the user interacts with the page.

However - when the user does "interact with the page" by pressing the play button, it re-plays the audio on the desktop but not on the mobile. Here's why.

The play button logic is as follows - when touched -

1. re-play the last audio played.

2. if no audio was played, play the audio assigned to the Scene.

In this case, on mobile devices, neither condition applies.

Here's a link to one of our API examples that does have an audio assigned to the Scene; this works fine on mobile -

Hope this helps,



hey, can i add my avatar to an android application ?

Orly 2 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 12

hey, i want to add the character at my app, is there a way of doing it using java script ?


Cant activate a new account. i fill out form and i click contiune and it brings me back to form. I have sent emails and no help.

Kimberly 2 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 3

I fill out form and i click contiune and it brings me back to form. I sent my number asking for someone to call.

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Sitepal for Gaming sites

Jim 8 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by aryaan khan 1 month ago 0
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How can feed the avatar with an RSS feed? 8 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated 8 years ago 4
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SitePal in PowerPoint - Easier than Ever!

Jesse 8 years ago • updated by Sumit B 4 years ago 4