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My account Expire

Illia Horenko 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

Hi, Mr.Gil

Happy New Year!

I asked you about the 60 bit per rate video generation.

You said me that if your team couldn't make this video until this month, you would refund my money.

Sorry, but please let me know your development state.


Gil Sideman 2 years ago

Hello Illia - 

Regretfully the video generation implementation cannot generate 60 fps at present.

The solution to enable 60 fps requires some re-engineering & is not available at present.

We're ready to cancel your subscription & provide a refund if that is your preference.

Please send a note to - with a link to this thread - and we will take care of it for you.

All the best,



Multiple avatars independently on one page ?

Frank E 2 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 5


I would like to use multiple avatars on one page and control them individually using the API, is that a problem ? Is there maybe an example for this ?

Thanks so much,


Gil Sideman 2 years ago

Hello Frank!

This is entirely doable, and we have two examples on the support pages that showcase exactly that - 

On the advanced examples page - look for "SitePal Conversation":

However - I would advise you to wait for about a week, as we are just about to release an update which would greatly simplify api access to multiple characters on the page.

In the examples noted above - we demonstrate how to control each character via the API. This is accomplished by loading each character into its own iframe, which enables the characters to be individually addressed / called.

Needless to say this makes page design and maintenance a bit more cumbersome than it otherwise would be.

In the upcoming update, we add new built in addressing capabilities to the API - which will make it possible to embed your characters into the same page, without using an individual iframe for each, and access each of them individually via the API.

When we launch this update, we will provide new examples that demonstrate the new method.

Hope this helps,


The SitePal Team


900 characters in text to video

Al at TheCypressBuilding com 2 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 2

Is it possible to have my model to be able to say MORE than 900 characters in a post? And if so, how? I need her to be able to say more. 

Gil Sideman 2 years ago


While each audio can be up to 900 characters long, it is simple enough to queue multiple audios for sequential playback, thereby overcoming this limitations.

Calling the API function sayText repeatedly, automatically queues several audios for playback.

The following technical examples demonstrate this technique - please feel free to review and adapt  the code from these pages if helpful.

example 1

example 2

Hope this helps,




Did you see this site what has made the high quality video.?

Illia Horenko 2 years ago 0

HI, Mr.Gil.

I have found this site what is making the avatar video.

The video quality is very good.

Please check this video.

I have sent your the messages to you via your mail.

But you haven't responded.

I hope your answer.

 Warm  regards.


VIdeo bit rate

Illia Horenko 2 years ago in SitePal Gold updated 2 years ago 20

I have generated the video.

This bit frame is 24 fps.  I want to show this on television.

So I need 60 fps video. This is the reason why I am using this account.

Please help me.

 I am waiting for your reply.

Under review

Reseller Agreement

Trevor 6 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 6 years ago 1
Under review

the full body characters are not enable to - please advise,

mohamedfarahdr 6 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 6 years ago 3
Under review

speech to text

Carl Silva 6 years ago updated by Sumit B 6 years ago 1
Under review

Does the photo face in tech playground still email a preview?

Mr Mahoney 6 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 6 years ago 4
Under review

my bots cannot allow any input urgent

hjchen 6 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 6 years ago 2