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Felipe brasil está com erro ( voz de mulher)

Rafael 2 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 2

Felipe brasil está com erro ( voz de mulher)


Text to speech with sayText() and the apostrophe character ' (reserved?)

François 2 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 10 months ago 17

I use, for example, the expression sayText(' Bonjour ',4,4,4),sayText(' je m appelle François')
The character ' is therefore a reserved character.
For example, I replace  "je m'appelle l'avatar"  with "je m appelle l avatar"  but the reading by the avatar is not always fluid.
How to replace this reserved character apostrophe '  in the texts to be read ?



J'utilise par exemple l'expression sayText(' Bonjour ',4,4,4),sayText(' je m appelle François')

Le caractère ' est donc un caractère réservé.

Je remplace par exemple "je m'appelle l'avatar" par  "je m appelle l avatar" mais la lecture par l'avatar n'est toujours fluide.

Comment remplacer ce caractère réservé apostrophe  ' dans les textes à lire ?



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pronucnciation control for TTS

joewalsh 2 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 1

I need to precisely control pronunciation since I am building a language learning app. For instance, for "either" E ther vs. EYE ther.

Using the API or client side Javascript, can I send IPA characters or the Darpa phonemes? If not, is there a way of controlling pronunciation by using specific made up words like ee ack ?


HTML5 not working unless Chromium embedded flash is used

I ported my characters to the HTML 5 version to try to keep my Sitepal useful without Flash, but we still have to load a Flash plug-in to see it.   Its in a game, and the NPC players come on screen at various times to prompt players to advance in quests.

A typical character is at, and they work perfectly in all browsers except the Chromium embedded version that is embedded in the Firestorm viewer for Second Life and Opensimulator.    We still get a "Media Plugin is missing" error with HTML5 .  

If I load the Chromium embedded version of Flash, it works.  This should not be required, yet obviously is.

The support group there says "In order to play Flash format videos (e.g., YouTube videos), you must have the Opera & Chromium version of the Adobe Flash plugin installed. Unless you already have this specific version of Flash installed already, you will need to get the Opera & Chromium Flash plugin from Adobe."

Does HTML5  do a check to see if flash is installed?    That might trigger login in this viewer to block the plugin you use.



Volume of the stream in text-to-speech full body

François 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 5

Hello Gil,

In my account, the volume of each scene for the text-to-speech can be set.
Is it possible to do this dynamically by indicating before the playback of each scene the desired sound level?
Parameter of the function

Thank you


Bonjour Gil, 

Dans le compte, le volume  sonore de chaque scene pour le text-to-speech peut être paramétré.
Est-il possible de le faire dynamiquement en indiquant avant la lecture de chaque scène le niveau sonore souhaité ?
paramètre de la fonction ?


Gil Sideman 2 years ago


Yes there is a 'setVolume' API call that allows you to do so.

However - please note that setVolume does not function on mobile browsers. The Mobile browser does not enable JS access to the speaker volume level.

Here's one of our API examples which demonstrates use of this function -

Hope this helps,


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never ending preview screen

Terence A Bryan 4 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 6
Under review

powerpoint 2013 - Does SitePal Plugin Work in this version?

Rex Briggs 4 years ago • updated by Sumit B 4 years ago 1
Under review

Skins actions not works

Carlos Renato Hernández Rivas 5 years ago in SitePal Studio • updated by Gil Sideman 5 years ago 1
Under review

What are the supported export formats

Luke Alvin Madzedze 5 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Jacob Scott 5 years ago 4
Under review

Integrator Access - mngExportVideo

Sahil Sharma 5 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Sumit B 5 years ago 5