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Looking for Mr.Fathi since I have the same question

stefano 2 years ago 0

I hopoe  Mr.Fathi gets a nitification since I have the same request he had 4 years ago.

I wonder if he find a solution to .

He can mail me at io[at]


Gil Sideman 2 years ago

Hi - 

To create your own photoface 3D character (from a photo) - 

* open the editor and select the "3d" tab under "models"

* click on "Create your Own" button 

*  You will then need to activate the Flash option, close the editor and launch it again

* select the Flash option when you launch the editor.

Note: the "Photoface 3D" feature is the only SitePal feature that requires Flash - and it is required only for editing/creating your own 3D character. The created character does not require Flash to play when embedded on your website - it is an editing requirement only. This feature will soon be available in the HTML5 editor - obviating the need to use Flash.

* in the Flash editor - select the "3D" tab under "models".

* click on "Create your Own" button & follow step by step instructions to create your character.

If needed - please send a note to & we will help you out in more detail.

We'll be happy to schedule a walkthrough screen-share session and go over it with you.

Hope this helps,


The SitePal Team


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